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Ready to Getaway!

Exclusive Travel Access with Arcadia

One of the benefits of your Arcadia membership is access to travel Getaways that the average traveler does not have access to. Getaways are inventory that has not been booked. Hoteliers do not like empty inventory, so they have deeply discounted this inventory and made it available to our members. These are on a first come first serve basis and once they are gone they are gone, so act fast, but understand the early bird gets the worm. Most "Getaways" will be from $199 to $399 for a seven night stay.

Accessing Your Getaway

We have two methods for our members to access these Getaways.

  1. The first place you will find Getaways is on the Arcadia Concierge site. Click the "Getaway" tabs and explore all available to you. The Value Escapes and the Premier Escapes are the lowest cost because the stays are typically in the next 30 to 45 days. Be sure to check out all the other Getaway options the Concierge offers you too.

  2. The second area you can locate even more Getaways are on the RCI website. Just log in to RCI (note: it's takes about two weeks for all of your membership credentials with RCI - they are available to help by phone) and sort your search to Last Call Vacations & Extra Vacations. These are Condos with check-in within the next 30 to 45 days all over the world.

None of the Getaways mentioned use your Premier Nights. These are just special low cost inventory only members have access to. A good tip for you to know: Always call your Concierge Agent, or RCI Agent to book these. The agents at both locations have the most up to date inventory and can help you find the best opportunity available.

Now the next time you are ready to "Getaway," but just not sure where to go, check out your "Getaway" options and get ready to have some fun!